With 22 years combined experience in constructing, erecting, planning and selling all ranges of polytunnels from single, multi span, domestic and commercial, our polytunnel construction services are unparalleled in professionalism and timely completion.

We pride ourselves in carrying out every project with the highest degree of attention to detail and of course the client’s needs.

Covering all of England and Wales, we can carry out construction on all makes, models and sizes of polytunnels, including bespoke garden centre canopies and walkways. We can also provide a range of multi-span polytunnels for agricultural use ranging from livestock housing to poultry sheds.

Our domestic and commercial polytunnels are available in a huge range of widths and lengths, meaning each client’s individual need will be catered for, be it for home use, a variety of commercial projects, or even a large garden centre canopy.

For commercial projects, we will first arrange a consultation with one of our construction foremen to offer you advice on the best construction materials to ensure your polytunnel is built to the highest standards but remains cost effective. Our foremen have years of experience and planning ability, ensuring that your project is carried out in a smooth and timely manner.

One of our foremen will contact you to confirm dates and times for the project to commence and is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process, ensuring that upfront, helpful communication is there whenever you need it. You can remain confident that your project will be realised to its full potential and completed to the most professional degree.

We supply a huge range of domestic and commercial polytunnels, enabling us to provide you with the best discount on your tunnel.

Please contact us with details of your project and you will receive a written quote within 24 hours.