There has been a recent surge in the interest for growing your own vegetables and fruits in your garden polytunnels. And rightly so! What would be better than having fresh and organically grown home produce for your family just by putting a little effort? Although one dreams of installing domestic polytunnels, but sometimes both time and budget can place a constraint on your intentions.

Polytunnel cover

The best part now is that we, at Polytunnel’R’us can provide with excellent polytunnel construction services at highly affordable services in the UK. We are a team completely trained for the professional construction of polytunnels. For this, we proceed step-by-step with analysis, planning, and the right choice of materials required for the most efficient polytunnel system for your garden. Our range of services includes the following:

  • Construction
  • Refurbishment
  • Small repairs
  • Ventilation
  • Replacement covers

Besides, we also provide you with high-quality swimming pool covers.

Why should you hire us?

Whenever you hire a company for a work that thrives bringing long-term results, always choose the best services. We, at Polytunnels’R’us, have an experience of more than two decades in the field of polytunnel construction and repair. Handling of varied sets of problems has equipped us with unparalleled competence that brings about the most effective results. The high-quality of work delivered by our team of professionals has received multiple accreditations including:

  • CSCS
  • IPAF
  • CSIS
  • First Aid

You can not only get a supply of the best quality material for the construction of polytunnels, but we also provide with excellent construction services. Our various services are listed below alongside a brief description to give you an idea of what we have to offer. But, when you contact us, you will find much more than your expectations from us.


We supply domestic and commercial polytunnels in all kinds of makes, models, and sizes. You can also get bespoke garden canopies and walkways designed from us alongside highly-yielding garden polytunnels. The various widths and lengths ensure that all kinds of client requirements can be easily met. With years of experience, our experts provide you sound advice on the best materials that can be procured with minimum expenditure. With a good planning ability, your project is bound to get completed in a timely manner.

When we handle your project, our foremen will contact you to confirm the dates and right timing to begin the work. You will get helpful communication from us at all the times. You can rest assured that your project will get completed to full potential.


With Polytunnels’R’us, you will get high-quality supplies with a minimum of cost. Through the complete understanding of polytunnel construction needs through the wide timespan of work, we supply you all that you need. With us, you can get small domestic tunnels and also very large commercial ones.

We provide you with

  • All kinds of polytunnel covers ranging from Visqueen to XL Polythene
  • Single span commercial tunnels.
  • Multi-span tunnels
  • Domestic garden polytunnels
  • Poultry tunnels
  • Repair tapes
  • Fixings and fittings
  • Netting-netting covers

Call us on 0800772858 whether you need to create a lush and loaded domestic vegetable garden or require assistance for the handling of large commercial or agricultural project.

Get high-quality supplies at one place! Besides, get excellent planning, materials and construction advice for cost-effective efficient solutions!