Get set to Receive Cost-effective Solutions for Commercial Polytunnels across the UK

Keeping in mind all your requirements is completely essential when buying commercial polytunnels. It is always  better to buy from a company that has an extensive experience in manufacturing and installing commercial polytunnel. While choosing a commercial polytunnel, you need to discuss your requirements with the supplier and make the right choice of the size. By choosing experienced companies, one is ensured of getting commercial polytunnels in designs developed with years of experience. Besides, the materials used to construct and install the commercial polytunnels including steel, hoops, polyethylene, gutters and timber should be high-quality to meet standards.

With Polytunnels‘R’us, you get tried, time-tested and perfect solutions for your commercial polytunnels. We have been in the process of constructing and installing polytunnels from past 15 years across the UK (England and Wales). In case, you need to install a new polytunnel, our team of experts can help you to plan and construct. Even if you are just looking forward to extending an already existing polytunnel, we will help you do the same. And all the way, you will get support with cost-effective solutions through our experts. Besides, we always take the highest care to ensure that your project is accomplished within specified time limits.

Polytunnels’R’us is a team of installers who are IPAF trained with complete awareness of health and safety requirements. Our installers are well trained  the use of excess platforms and safety nets. Thus, hiring Polytunnel’R’us, you can rest assured of completely professional, safe and timely installation.

Why choose us?

For all your commercial projects, our work begins with the consultation from one of our experienced construction foremen. You will get the best advice to accomplish your project with the best materials for long-lasting and cost-effective solutions. Besides, we will also plan out the process for you to give integral and smooth services for achievement of the best results. With our years of experience, your project is realised to its full potential with solutions crafted through technical ability and diligent planning skills. Polytunnels’R’Us gives you hassle-free services with

  • Fixed price quotes
  • A fully-CRB checked staff
  • No charges for accommodation
  • Full services in the UK
  • Risk assessment for effective methods as a part of standard services
  • Full approval by the UK manufacturers

Our accreditations:

  • First Aid
  • CSCS
  • IPAF
  • CSIS

We also provide high-quality services for construction, repairs, ventilation, and replacement cover for Polytunnel. Additionally, you can also get durable swimming pool cover at Polytunnels‘R’us.

Call us today to get the installation of commercial polytunnels from a fully-trained team of experts that accomplish your project to the highest of standards!